Lotus-Candle ART

Lotus-Candle ART

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Blossoms in the colors of the rainbow.

A highlight for Lotus-Candle fans!

Lotus-Candle - the candle with the flower effect

The Original Lotus-Candle unfolds a magical bloom during burning.

It illuminates from the inside out. Depending on the size, the burn time is up to 160 hours.

The original Lotus-Candle is purely handmade and is manufactured in the EU.

It is completely dyed.


Original Lotus-Candle - Fascination of unfolding

The Lotus-Candle, like any other candle, transforms wax into warmth and light. But it doesn't just burn down, it's a metamorphosis:

The Lotus-Candle unfolds a flower!

The blossom continues to open until a fascinating sculpture of light and wax has emerged in the end.

The Lotus-Candle is completely dyed and is handmade from a particularly transparent wax. This gives it an exceptionally strong interior glow that will enchant your entire environment.

Lotus-Candle a fascinating experience

The Lotus candle appears first as a simple but large candle-stump. At the beginning you don't see what you want to develop.

On the first evening, a liquid area around the candle wick is created when burning. Professionals call this area burners. Candle connoisseurs can already notice a difference to normal candles: the liquid wax does not reach the edge of the candle.

On the following evenings, this burner continues to deepen. The candle edge remains standing. After about 20 hours, life returns to the Lotus candle. The candle edges slowly tilt outward. When the candle has burned for about 30 hours, the flowering of the Lotus candle blossom begins.

From now on, the flower continues to open until it reaches the ground with the outer edges. Some Lotus candle friends stop the process here and put a tea light in the Flower Cup. So they do not burn their lotus candle to the end, but have a long joy in flowering. Most of them make their candle bloom completely and receive a sculpture that is different with every Lotus candle. Depending on the size of the candle, this can take up to 200 hours.


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